Rim To Acquire Dash Navigation, Build The Largest GPS Sensor Network Worldwide?

The word on the street is that RIM/Blackberry is set to acquire Dash Navigation, the company that wanted to build connected GPS. Dash’s idea was quite good: having an always connected GPS lets you do all kinds of cool things like turn users into (anonymous) traffic sensors or setup a route on your PC before sending it to your phone.

Belkin Announces TuneCast® Auto Live, First GPS-Assisted FM Transmitter with iPhone Application

Today, Belkin introduced its new TuneCast Auto Live FM transmitter and ClearScan Live software application, which lets iPhone and iPod Touch owners easily operate their FM transmitter and locate the best radio frequency to play music in the car. ClearScan Live allows the iPhone to display the FM frequency and the controls on its screen. This hardware-software combination is the first to utilize an iPhone application to control FM transmission and utilize GPS coordinates to determine the clearest FM frequency at the user’s location.