Motricity launches LBS Controller

“Location Based Services will bring a new impulse to the mobile market. With the LBS Controller we provide a tool that fulfills in that need,” says Frank van Rotterdam. The General Manager of the Netherlands office, thinks that with this new platform the LBS market can finally take off. “After a couple of fruitless launches a few years ago LBS is back due to the EU112 regulation. Motricity enables carriers and MVNO’s to monetize that investment by opening up LBS data to content providers. Becoming a smart pipe and supporting the content providers to generate more revenue, is a viable strategy for many operators,” says Frank van Rotterdam.

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Google Maps acquires Android voice search, transit

This past weekend, Google introduced a new version of its glossy Maps application for Android phones. Version 3.1.0 brings with it several new features, including voice search to go with its text search field and transit and walking directions to go with step-by-step driving directions.