Garmin nuvi 1690 PND outed: EDGE, Bluetooth and new “nuinfo” connected services

Details of the upcoming Garmin nuvi 1690 connected PND are quietly being outed, courtesy of both the FCC and the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

Now Twitter wants to know where you live

Burgeoning micro blogging and social networking tool Twitter has announced plans to add location based service to its platform.

Wi-Fi chips shipping by the billions according to ABI Research

Wi-Fi chipset vendors will ship one billion units in 2011. Wi-Fi is the most commonly used wireless technology for local area networks, creating the basis for a number of vehicle-related telematics and other data systems.

GigaOM Announces Mobilize LaunchPad Winners, 4 out of 10 LBS related

igaOM today announced the winners of the Mobile LaunchPad, which recognizes the 10 best mobile startups of the year, at Mobilize 09. Winners will present their companies live on the Launchpad at Mobilize 09 on Sept. 10. The one-day conference, which is held in San Francisco, draws venture capitalists, investors and C-level executives from around the world.

Visual time machine offers tourists a glimpse of the past, based upon augmented reality

The Palace of Venaria near Turin, Italy, and Winchester Castle in the United Kingdom have already benefited from the technology, which combines augmented reality (AR) content with location awareness on mobile devices to give visitors to historic and cultural sites a deeper, richer and more enjoyable experience.

acrossair will launch their augmented reality app NearestTube on the iPhone in September 2009

acrossair is a new kind of company – a hybrid collective combining rockstar application and game developers with corporate infrastructure to cover all those mundane things like marketing, sales and finance.

Software Platform for Augmented Reality by Metaio

Unifeye is the ultimate software platform for professional Augmented Reality applications.

Mobilizy Ships Developer API & Updates World Browser

Mobilizy is an early pioneer in commercial augmented reality and the creator of Wikitude, which is the first practical augmented reality (AR) mobile application. Wikitude gives the user data about their surroundings, nearby landmarks, and other points of interest by overlaying information on the real-time camera view of a smart-phone.

Augmented reality browser Layar expands worldwide, eyes iPhone

layar-screenshot Layar, an Android-based mobile phone browser that lets you explore your physical surroundings, call up geotagged information from the web and superimpose it on your viewfinder, is expanding worldwide and may soon come to the iPhone 3GS, according to its creator, Amsterdam-based SPRXMobile.

TomTom app for iPhone now available

The TomTom app for iPhone 3G and 3GS users includes a continental European map or a map of a specific country or region in Europe from Tele Atlas.