Roadee, “The first openstreetmap based navigationsystem for the iPhone”

With Roadee you can navigate to an address, contact or point of interest.

iGO My way Launched for iPhone

NNG Global Services today announced the launch of its iGO My way navigation solution for iPhone. The application, developed by the leading whitelabel navigation software provider, is the only solution to date for iPhone which offers true 3D terrain map display and 3D landmarks. Included in the one-off purchase price from iTunes & App Store are quarterly map updates until the end of 2010 at no additional cost. North American, Western European and full Europe versions including the latest Navteq and Top-Map maps can be purchased from within the iTunes application as of today.

SuperGeo officially releases SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3

SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 was released officially around the world last week. SuperGIS Mobile Engine 3 is a Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling developers to develop mobile GIS applications and facilitating GIS staffs to easily develop highly flexible GIS applications which not only satisfy the needs but can be deployed to the mobile devices supporting .NET CF. Therefore, the efficiency of outdoor survey can be greatly improved.

TeleNav Turn-By-Turn Navigation Lands on the MyTouch 3G

TeleNav announced that TeleNav GPS Navigator will be one of the first turn-by-turn GPS navigation services available to run on the T-Mobile® myTouch™ 3G with Google. TeleNav GPS Navigator will be available for a free 30-day trial beginning tomorrow, August 5, when the device goes on sale in retail stores and online. To sign up for the free trial, T-Mobile MyTouch 3G customers should visit TeleNav’s website.