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Rally 2007

In keeping with tradition there was again a rally during this year’s Navigation Event. No fewer than 32 two-man teams lined up at the start. In marketing terms that represented a 50% increase on last year, something the organiser was very pleased with. The rally was made up of two stages, with departure and arrival at the High Tech Campus.
For these two stages each of the teams were given a navigation system that they had not previously used. In this way 32 systems were tested by two different teams, equivalent to a total of 64 real-time tests.

2007 Rally teams win a great prize after a long rally day, October 3rd 2007

Watch the video of the rally on youtube!

Not just vendors but also the rally teams can win great prizes. They had to put a lot of effort into it; drive two stages, answer questions and evaluate navigation systems. The route was also something special this year. The main roads were bypassed but the wooded track was another matter.
In short a genuine rally.

32 rally teams with illustrious names such as Lost and Found, Burning Devils, You have reached your destination, De Heeren Navigeeren! (Men are the Drivers!), Van het padje (Off the Path) and De Tukkers started the Navigation Event.

Some of them drove modern vehicles, others went in the old-timer they had taken out of the garage.

Besides, there are teams who take part each year, regardless of the chance of winning a prize.
“We do it just for fun, not for the prizes. This is the second time we have taken part and I am curious to know what products we can test this time”, said one of the team members.

The first stage in the morning went via Helmond and back to Eindhoven. For the first time the rally teams were forced to get out of their cars. As many navigation systems claim to be able to show pedestrians the direction, they had to park up. The team leader had to go for a walk based on the navigation systems’ POI list.

The first stop was the museum in Helmond Castle. The control point was also situated there. Many teams met up with each other. When asked how old the castle was, no one had the right answer despite it being clearly shown in the inner courtyard.

After that there was a short walk to the nearby hotel. Although it wasn’t planned several teams stopped there for a cup of coffee. This despite a busy schedule. On the pathway back to the multi-story car park the teams also had to answer some questions about the Helmond cycle race. And as usual the teams sought help on the home front. Many teams made frantic calls home or to the office to get the correct answer to the questions.

As a result of the coffee break several teams were late getting back to the High Tech Campus. Not only was lunch being served, but Emile Ratelband was appearing as auctioneer for a good cause: See you in Djibouti. Emile Ratelband auctioned several products provided by suppliers with his usual enthusiasm in front of the See you in Djibouti stand.

With the proceeds, around €1500, the foundation can further its good works.

In the afternoon stage the rally drivers were sent via Belgium to Tilburg, from where they had to return to the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. A stage which demanded the utmost from the teams. Signs with letters were placed in various places, with which the teams could make up a word. A good way of getting even more points for the final result.
A bit of cheating also went on. You got a rubber stamp at the control point. Some of the teams who missed the control point were smart enough to get a stamp from a photo shop or from Tempo Team. Sadly for them the competition leaders were having none of this.

While the teams were driving the second stage there was hard work going on behind the scenes processing the results of the first stage. A team of students from Eindhoven Technical University and Fontys University of Applied Sciences was hard at work with the processing.

As dusk fell the teams went back to hand in their last test and rally results at the reception desk.

A moment for many of the teams to quickly exchange experiences and so put right some of the mistakes.
The competition leaders were unrelenting.

Hand in first and then relax. First a drink, then wining and dining.

Hanging around waiting for the results. They were working at fever pitch in the computer centre to get the results calculated.

At the stroke of eight the results were announced by Daan Scheer from Navteq.

First prize went to the ‘Navi-heren’ (Navi Men).
They were taking part for the first time and besides winning the cup also won the PLUS 1head rest with built-in LCD screen and DVD player, supplied by Opti Mount.

The second prize went to ‘The Fast and the Beauty’. They were competing for the second time and had won third prize on the previous occasion. This time they won the Medion GoPal navigation system.

The third prize also went to a veteran team, “De Budjes”. They were competing for the third time. They won the PN1000 from VDO Dayton.

The rally team with the most original name was the ‘Spieden Spoorzoekers’ (The Spying Trackers’). They received large flagons of Grolsch beer.

The booby prize went to New Aspect. They went home with a digital photo frame, presented by Europea Trading.

After a long day the teams went home elated (some of them slightly disappointed not to have won). The end of a fun and exciting day where it became very clear that not every navigation system is the same and that there is plenty of room for improvement.

2006 second edition, de Koningshof te

Eerste prijs 2006, Becker Traffice Assist
High Speed II

Richard Drees van Becker ontvangt de wisselbeker voor de 1ste
prijs 2006 van Pieter Hermans, Jakajima.

Beste keus redactie 2006, Route66 met de Chicago

Pieter Waasdorp, ontvangt de wisselbeker voor de Beste Keus
Redactie 2006 van Pieter Hermans, Jakajima.

Winnaars rallyteams 2006

Eerste prijs 2006, The
Three Oldies

The Three Oldies ontvangen de beker voor de 1ste prijs en de
TomTom One van Dirk Snauwaert, Tele Atlas

Tweede prijs 2006, P & T

P & T ontvangen de beker voor de tweede prijs en de Blaupunkt
Lucca MP3 van Dirk Snauwaert, Tele Atlas

Derde prijs 2006, Canonball

Canonball ontvangt de beker voor de derde prijs en de Mio C210
van Dirk Snauwaert, Tele Atlas

Prijs voor de leukste teamnaam, Geen

Geen Richtingsgevoel ontvangt prijs voor de leukste teamnaam van
Dirk Snauwaert, Tele Atlas

Winnaars leveranciers 2005 eerste editie
de Sonnerie te Son
& Breugel

Eerste prijs 2005, TomTom Go

vertegenwoordigd door Linda Pluis en Filip van Ake.

Beste keus redactie 2005, Mio 168

vertegenwoordigd door Iwan van Hende en Ann Claeys (niet op foto)

2005 Winnaars rallyteams

Eerste prijs 2005, team

team www.gps.nl; Ruud Schut en Jop Tel; Notter

Tweede prijs 2005, De Budjes

Ton Minten en Wilfred Berns; Venray

Derde prijs 2006, Autoinbouw

Roy de Vries en Bastiaan Veenstra; Breedenbroek

Prijs voor de leukste teamnaam, Kip zonder Kop

Jeanette en Jan Haasjes; Tell me Barneveld

Poedelprijs, routemakelaar.nl

Jos van Boxtel en Thijs Cloosterman, TU Eindhoven

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