Nanomatic Announces nanonavi-VC™ Application, available in Apple App Store

Nanomatic, a global company that makes mobile social applications and location aware devices, announced the availability of its nanonavi®-VC and for Virtual-Care™”application in the Apple App Store. The new nanonavi-VC app for iPhone and iPod touch allows users to combine and display all the relevant profile information of friends and family from every major social network and then map their locations.

Four killer iPhone apps for runners by Rick Broida in

As outdoor is becoming more and more important in the GPS world, we post this article we found in

AccuTerra for iPhone works in no-network areas

AccuTerra for iPhone allows users to plan, capture and share their outdoor adventures even when they’re out of mobile network range.

Five Trailblazing Augmented Reality Navigation Apps

Augmented Reality is coming soon to a life near you, thanks to the latest crop of sensor-equipped smartphones. Navigation is, perhaps, the most natural fit between AR and useful technology. Simply put, when you’re going somewhere, you need to know both where you are and where you’re going. You often need both pieces of information when you’re someplace unfamiliar and don’t know quite what your destination looks like.

App Review: CoPilot Live takes Android voice navigation in the right direction

Put on your seatbelt, check your mirrors, and launch CoPilot Live for Android? That’s not the traditional pre-driving routine, but it’s what I did when testing CoPilot Live, a new GPS application that offers turn-by-turn voice navigation for Android. The ALK-produced service creates Android GPS navigation systems on the fly thanks to massive map libraries available for every inhabited region of the planet.

ABI Research: Cloud computing will transform mobile apps

According to ABI Research, a new architecture based on software running in the cloud will drastically change the way mobile applications are developed, acquired and used. The research company’s new study forecasts that this will be a profoundly disruptive development that could eclipse the current mobile application model by 2014, delivering revenue of nearly $20 billion annually by the end of that year.

Nokia is inviting ideas for services and content in a specific category: “Apps on Maps”

As one of the first steps to opening Ovi Maps towards developers, Nokia is inviting ideas for services and content on Maps through the Calling All Innovators contest in a specific category: “Apps on Maps”. The finalists will have a chance to work closely with Nokia to develop their ideas into applications and be part of shaping the developer tools. In addition to winning cash prizes, the finalists will also have a chance to see their apps distributed via the Ovi Store.