Auditors slam EU over Galileo

The European Commission’s leadership and management skills have been found wanting by a Court of Auditors report into the EU’s much-delayed Galileo satellite navigation project. The report, published on 29 June, also blames individual countries for defending their commercial interests throughout the programme.

U.S. Businesses Arrive With Obama for Glonass

Deere & Co., PepsiCo and Boeing are among the major U.S. businesses providing the economic backdrop for U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit this week, with executives meeting government officials and talking up their Russian investment plans.

Russian GPS, Glonass, to be tested on Ladas

Russia’s largest car manufacturer, AvtoVAZ, is aiming to produce 15,000 Lada Priora cars equipped with the GLONASS navigation system, Russia’s rival to the US’s GPS, by the end of this year.

China To Offer Free Global Navigation, named Compass, By 2020

China will be able to provide free global navigation and positioning services by 2020 with its own constellation of satellites named “Compass,” an engineering expert said here Friday.