NAVTEQ Launches Advanced Mapping Collection Technology

NAVTEQ today announced NAVTEQ True, the company’s new mapping collection system. NAVTEQ is beginning the roll out of this new technology in its US fleet of field collection vehicles, further enhancing the company’s ability to deliver a growing range of high quality digital map data.

Navteq, Microsoft Partner on Collection Capabilities for 3D Maps

Digital map provider Navteq today announced a new technology agreement that will allow the company to more rapidly deploy innovative collection capabilities and accelerate the collection, creation, and storage of 3D map data and visuals. Navteq and Microsoft have agreed to work together to support technological advancements in this area, through which Navteq will also provide Microsoft Corp. with 3D map data and visuals to power new mapping features.

‘Augmented Reality’ Is Also A Form Of Search

We’re really just at the beginning of the era of “mobile search.” Even what we think of as “search” will be dramatically altered by innovations in mobile. In this first phase the transfer of what might be called the “query box” (and related links) into mobile is complete. In time, however, we many even come to see that image — the white box with the search button to the right — as a kind of metaphor for something more intangible (i.e., directed intent) that can be fulfilled in a variety of ways.

Microsoft Says Mobile Volume Up Slightly; But Acknowledges “Issues”

CEO Steve Ballmer proudly rattled off a list of his company’s accomplishments over the last year at the company’s financial analysts meeting in Redmond Thursday. But he called out one exception: Microsoft’s performance in the mobile phone market.

EB expands support for Microsoft auto platform

EB is now supporting Microsoft Live Search for Devices on Microsoft Auto.

SVOX speech solutions available for Microsoft Auto 4.0

OEMs and TierOnes that use the Microsoft Auto platform can enable speech in their products by deploying SVOX Automotive ASR and SVOX Automotive TTS