GeoChirp – A Twitter and Google Maps Mashup launched by Cue Blocks

GeoChirp, a new Twitter and Google Maps Mash up recently launched by Cue Blocks, is the latest innovation in the vast domain of social networking. All those tweeples out there who can’t stop tweeting can now add GeoChirping to their list of activities.

Now Twitter wants to know where you live

Burgeoning micro blogging and social networking tool Twitter has announced plans to add location based service to its platform.

Augmented reality browser Layar expands worldwide, eyes iPhone

layar-screenshot Layar, an Android-based mobile phone browser that lets you explore your physical surroundings, call up geotagged information from the web and superimpose it on your viewfinder, is expanding worldwide and may soon come to the iPhone 3GS, according to its creator, Amsterdam-based SPRXMobile.

Locify offers location services on usual phones. For free.

Locify is a mobile application containing many location services, for free and available for most phones. It also contains useful features like maps, navigation, place and route recording.