Automating Printing with Universal Print by Microsoft


Aidan Young

Automating Printing with Universal Print by Microsoft

Welcome to the future of office printing with Microsoft’s Universal Print. This cutting-edge solution changes how organizations handle their print tasks. It moves printing from old, on-site systems to cloud-based management. Say hello to the future of printing.

Managing a business comes with lots of tasks. Printing shouldn’t be a hassle, though. Microsoft’s Universal Print makes it easy. This cloud-based service simplifies how you manage printing, making things run smoothly.

Forget about needing traditional on-site print servers with Universal Print. Instead, use the cloud to easily set up and control your printers. The dashboard is straightforward and full of powerful tools for managing printing tasks.

Universal Print takes your printing online. Now, you can print from anywhere through the web or an app. This makes work more convenient and flexible for everyone.

Universal Print works great with Azure AD, making managing users and permissions simple. It ensures a secure printing environment. Set up printer access with security groups, keeping everything safe.

Try out Microsoft Automation’s Universal Print now. It’ll make your office printing smoother, simpler, and without the need for on-site gear. Welcome to the next level of printing.

Getting Started with Universal Print

To use Universal Print, organizations need to first install a few important things. They must have the right licenses. These licenses should be given to users by an admin with the right permissions. Admins must also have the Printer Administrator or Global Administrator role in Azure AD.

After getting the needed licenses, go to the Universal Print portal. This portal works with Azure AD and makes things easy by using a single log-in. It lets you set up and control Universal Print in a simple way.

Registering Printers

Start by adding your printers to Universal Print. Connect them to the network. They should then be linked to the Universal Print service. You’ll see these printers in the Universal Print portal once set up.

Assigning Permissions

Next, choose who can use the printers. Only certain people should be allowed. This step helps keep printer use under control.

Admins set these permissions. They can choose by user or by security group. This is good for tight and secure access.

Sharing Printers

By the end, you can let users print on these printers. They can add them to their Windows devices with a few clicks. This works for devices using Windows 10, version 1903 or later.

Setting up Universal Print is clear and simple. It helps organizations better handle their printing tasks.

Benefits and Features of Universal Print

Universal Print by Microsoft Automation makes managing print jobs much easier. It works through the cloud, ditching the need for on-site print servers. This helps companies avoid the headache of dealing with printer drivers on various devices.

With Universal Print, you can print from anywhere as long as you have internet. It’s easy to print from both the web and from mobile apps. This freedom makes printing simple and accessible.

It syncs smoothly with Azure AD for simpler print management. Through a friendly online portal, you can set up printers, manage who can print, and check print use. Everything is then centrally organized for easy tweaks.

This system also improves security by allowing for groups to have printer access. It can find nearby printers for you, too. Plus, administrators get a more straightforward, enhanced experience. These perks help create a safer, more efficient print setting for all kinds of organizations.

Aidan Young