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International GPS rally 2009

The goal of the rally is threefold;
  • to test and validate navigation systems supplied
  • to accompish several different rally tasks
  • to have a independent, challenging and fun rally for the rallyteams, the partners and the press

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An excellent day to invite your business partner
Driving a rally together with one of your business partners is a great way to have fun and to get to know each other in a better way. And you can win some great prices as well.

The test
The experiences can be compared with what a user experiences when buying a navigation system for the first time and getting started. All systems were supplied exactly as a user would normally get one, straight from the shop.
The only thing missing was some explanation from the sales assistant.

The scores and the winning systems
Each team had to give points based on criteria that we use for all tests on navigation systems in the magazines. We restricted ourselves to ‘Ease of Use’ or evaluation by the user. Each of the eighteen criteria to be assessed was given a weighting and the user could award 1 to 5 points.
That gave a total number of points for the two sessions. These totals were converted to a percentage. When two or more identical systems were taken along the average score was calculated for the end result.

The rally will take place on October 6th. During this day the competeting team (fifty in total) will drive several laps, to point out the best navigation system and also to win the “Best Navigation Team 2009” trophy.

This year the rally will be more challenging and will have new unique components;

  • intense usage of several types of navigation equipment (multimodal)
    • Personal Navigation Devices
    • Mobile phones with GPS (for on- and offboard)
    • Built in navigation systems (new)
  • real time comparison of tracking and tracing (each car will have a tracking and tracing device)
  • mobile database connection for realtime surveys
  • a challenging rally, also for experienced drivers and navigators (organized by a professional team of rally organisers).
A maximum of 50 teams can participate in this unique rally, which will be held on the normal open roads of the Benelux.

Based on the test results of all rally teams, the vendor of the best tested system receives the cup for the best tested system and/or the cup for the editor’s choice during the award ceremony.
The ceremony will take place during the diner in the evening of October 6th.

Participation is for new and historic cars. Each car needs to have a electrical lighter socket. The costs per rally team are € 100,-.
Subscribers to autoConnect, Autokompas, ConneXie Belgium, Channelinfo, GIS User and Telecom Handel get 20% discount. To get this discount, mention the name of the trademagazine at the discount number in the registrationform.

Included in the registration fee are;

  • 2 rallyposters and all competition papers
  • lunch and dinerbuffet
  • route book
  • .... and don't forget the rally itself!

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