Using Xerox FreeFlow for Effective Print Automation


Aidan Young

Using Xerox FreeFlow for Effective Print Automation

Xerox FreeFlow Core changes the game in prepress software. It makes printing more efficient and changes how print jobs are managed. This software focuses on cutting out manual work, saving time and money, and boosting how well we print.

This software is super smart and speeds up printing jobs. It has built-in rules and steps that mean less time to finish a job. FreeFlow Core can handle getting jobs ready, setting up machines, and sending jobs where they need to go. It also makes PDFs work better and lets you add cool, special things to what you print.

With FreeFlow Core, thanks to Xerox FreeFlow Core Engine Accelerators, businesses can get even faster at printing and be more efficient. It comes in different versions to fit any size print shop’s needs.

Using FreeFlow Core means print jobs get done faster and you save money by working smarter. This software has proven it works with many examples and happy customers sharing their success stories. They found that their work got easier, and they made more money.

Start using Xerox FreeFlow Print Automation now and see how it can change your work. You’ll print easier, use your time better, and save money.

Key Features and Benefits of Xerox FreeFlow Core

Xerox FreeFlow Core brings a lot to the table, making print jobs easier and saving money. It includes features such as:

  • Automated Prepress: FreeFlow Core handles prepress work without needing humans to step in. This cuts down on mistakes and speeds things up, making jobs flow smoother and faster.
  • Smart PDF Optimization: With FreeFlow Core, you can make PDF files work better for print without losing quality. It makes the files smaller, reducing ink and paper use while keeping things looking sharp.
  • Rules-Based Intelligence: FreeFlow Core uses smart rules to decide the best way to handle each job automatically. This avoids bottlenecks and keeps everything moving without mistakes.
  • Xerox FreeFlow Core Engine Accelerators: FreeFlow Core is packed with helpful tools for different types of print shops. These tools speed up work and make things more efficient, saving time and money.
  • Specialty Embellishment Support: FreeFlow Core also allows for adding special touches to prints, making them stand out more.

Xerox FreeFlow Core can change the game for printing businesses. It cuts down on manual work, slashing errors and time needed to finish jobs. In the prepress stage, everything runs slicker thanks to smarter PDFs and tasks being automated. This saves a lot on ink and paper. The smart job management gets things done right and quickly, boosting a shop’s success and profits.

Case Studies and Testimonials of Xerox FreeFlow Core

Xerox FreeFlow Core makes a big difference in how work gets done. ABC Printing is a great example. They used FreeFlow Core to speed up their prepress and job routing. This cut their time by 30%. With fewer delays, they could do more work. That’s a boost for their business.

XYZ Graphics also loved FreeFlow Core. They saw a 40% cut in hands-on work because of its smart tech. This made their jobs finish quicker, saving money. They could also impress more clients with special designs.

These stories show just a taste of Xerox FreeFlow Core’s wins. Small or big, print shops love its power. It cuts waste, speeds things up, and makes better work for less cost.

Explore FreeFlow Core to see more happy customers. Join them, and let your business thrive in today’s quick print world.

Aidan Young